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Functionalities BASIC User
Change Your Profile Photos Limited
(once a week)
(as many times as you want)
View All Photos in Other Users' Profiles Limited
(views only 3 photos)
Total Access
(views all photos)
Create your Account and Profile with Photos
Search Profiles
Search Online Users
Search Recent Profiles
Add Users to Your Favorite Profiles
View Who Has You as a Favorite
View Who's Looking for Someone Like You
Block Users
Block Automatic Emails
Send Messages (Emails) to Other Users
Read Messages (Emails) from Other Users B  (Limited) Messenger (Live One-On-One Chat) D  (Limited)
Pastoral Counseling Staff Support

B - Basic Users can only read messages sent by Premium Users. Premium Users can read all messages.

D - Through the Messenger, Basic Users cannot invite anyone to talk, but may be invited by Premium Users for a live chat. Premium Users can talk to all Users.

In, you can have 2 types of accounts: Basic (FREE) and Premium (PAYING). You can always switch between account types. You can have a Basic Account (FREE) for as long as you want and, when needed, turn it into a Premium Account.