Privacy Policy will always attempt to protect the CLIENT in the WEBWEBSITE, guaranteeing the following PRIVACY POLICY:

1., with the intent of preserving private information, through this statement and according to brazilian laws, ensures that all and any private information will be kept that way through the webWebsite’s services as this is the basic principle of ethics and privacy of the WEBWEBSITE. trusts in all CLIENTS’S good will towards the WEBWEBSITE’S rendered services.

2. The REGISTRATION, the ACCOUNT and the CLIENT’S PROFILE are personal, exclusive and can by no means be transferred. The CLIENT may not authorize third party access, for any reason, to his/her ACCOUNT and password. The CLIENT’S password is personal, confidential, exclusive, cannot be transferered, and is criptographed by, guaranteeing complete secrecy. Only the CLIENT and MAY access the password.

2.1. Only through the personal password will the CLIENT be able to update personal ACCOUNT information.

2.2. asks the CLIENT to use a personal sequence of numbers and/or letters that will not be easily identified. It is also highly recommended that the CLIENT alters the password every 3 (three) months.

2.3. The CLIENT assures he/she will notify if any problem arises with the personal password or any problem is noticed with the personal ACCOUNT.

2.4. The CLIENT is completely responsible for all activities and exchanges that might take place in their personal ACCOUNT.

3. It is understood that the private information and/or private data is that which does not allow to be displayed on the CLIENT’S PROFILE and which is not made available to OUTHER CLIENTS, as for example the name, email, phone number, and address.

3.1. is committed, within its possibilities, to offer the most efficient and adequate technology available, as the best possible criptography, to guarantee the protection of the CLIENT’S private information and/or private data against unauhortized access and inadequate use.

3.2. As to the CLIENT’S private information and/or private data:

A) They will be kept by in a confidential manner, except in cases of a higher demand, as a judicial order recognizes as valid.

(i) If a CLIENT forgets his/her passwrod, it can be sent to the CLIENT’S registered email. If the CLIENT forgot his/her username as well as the registered email, will need to confirm his/her personal information in order to re-send the CLIENT’S username and/or password.

B) All private information and/or private data can be used internally by for a better service to be provided through the WEBSITE.

C) All confidential data provided, as a CLIENT’S credit card number, are not saved in internet connected servers. All data is criptographed so the transaction takes place between and the respective bank, credit card company and any financial institution.

4. As to any information considers not to be private, they may be displayed at the WEBSITE and/or at the CLIENT’S PROFILE.

5. reserves the right to, at any time:

5.1. Share information and/or data that it considers valid and relevant with third parties, including partners and advertisers, always respecting this PRIVACY POLICY.

5.2. Exclude, delete, inactivate or remove any CLIENT from the WEBSITE that does not follow any condition, clause or term defined by and/or the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of, or even who is simply considered by to have misused the WEBSITE. seeks a christian and moral environment for its WEBSITE.

5.3. Edit or alter the content of any CLIENT PROFILE, REGISTRATION or ACCOUNT if it finds any error or mistake, or considers any kind of CLIENT misuse.

5.4. Copy, incorporate, divulge, distribute, nad/or use all CLIENT’S information and/or data, as well as images, sounds, and texts, to any commercial or non-commercial activity, always respecting this PRIVACY POLICY.

6. The CLIENT recognizes that, to guarantee his/her own privacy and security:

6.1. may not be held responsible for any content or any messagens exchanged between the CLIENT and OTHER CLIENTS, as well as to any information the CLIENT included in any part of the WEBSITE. If any problem may arise between the CLIENT and ANOTHER CLIENT outside the WEBSITE, the CLIENT and the OTHER CLIENT completely exempt from any responsibility.

6.2. The CLIENT will honor all clauses, terms and conditions of’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

6.3. After completing his/her WEBSITE REGISTRATION, all information and/or data included by the CLIENT, as well as any future updates, are given to and kept by to be used for the provided services.

7. The CLIENT can unsubscribe from receiving emails (opt-out) through the link at the bottom of promotional messages, or by accessing his/her account settings on the WEBSITE, for transactional messages.

8. belongs to AmorEmCristo Ltda., with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

9. counts with the CLIENT’S respect, credibility and good will, wishing and praying the WEBSITE may help the CLIENT attain his/her personal objectives. wishes God may bless you!