Who We Are

LoveInChrist.com is a Christian website with modern technology. Everyday, hundreds of new Christians from different countries register in LoveInChrist.com and its partner websites.


To provide a meeting place for Christians around the world, allowing for them to communicate, interact, make new friends, date, exchange spiritual experiences in many cultures, study the Bible, and relate among themselves in a secure environment.


The LoveInChrist.com Staff is made up of serious Christians. We work seeking to better serve our clients in a professional way, providing a safe environment through our technology. We believe LoveInChrist.com is more than a simple dating website - it is a place where Christians who declare their love for Jesus wish to grow spiritually, making new friendships and getting to know more about the work of God in different countries and cultures. Every week, thousands of Christians from different countries join to interact using this technology!


In 2002, a group of Brazilian Christian families decided to create this service when they realized there was a need for a professional internet environment based on true Christian principles and the Bible. They developed a system that would promote extensive communication for those seeking to meet true Christians and to grow spiritually. The service began in Brazil and soon expanded to other countries.


All those involved in the project are Christians commited to the Word of God. Everyday we pray that God use LoveInChrist.com as a channel for His blessings. We pray that He may bless each user, including the lives of those who got married through LoveInChrist.com. We try to continuously improve our services, creating new technologies and ideas that will enrich the lives of those who use our website. We want to offer a high quality service, always being at your disposal.

Be truthful and happy in your relationships, because God has a special plan for your life!


Once you start using our technology, you will see we offer 2 different account types: Basic Account and Premium Account. You can always switch between these account types. Understand the differences between these 2 accounts available in LoveInChrist.com by clicking here.

There are many features available for those with a Basic Account. The Premium Account option exists for those who want more benefits and full communication with Christians worldwide. When enabled, these benefits have a cost for us - but we always attempt to minimize these costs for those who choose to have a Premium Account while still maintaining a high quality service from our staff. Premium Account users can always go back to a Basic Account at any time.